Dunedin Sights and Seals

We arrived in Dunedin at 3pm on December 12th after traveling 52 hours from Arkansas. The hardest part of this trip was staying awake that day to acclimate to the new time zone.

First stop was Larnach Castle which is the only castle in New Zealand...but it's technically not even a castle.

Next we strolled downtown where we peeked into the railway station and encountered a beautiful antique Ford fire truck. They allowed us in the fire station to climb in and take pictures! Amazing! 

We made our way to Otago Peninsula were we saw New Zealand penguins, albatrosses, fur seals, and then I was chased by a sea lion. Such a privilege because I was 4 ft. away from a Yellow Eyed Penguin. In 25 years they will be extinct.....

Off to Queenstown!