senior sessions // what to expect


well it is finally here. you have been going to school your ENTIRE life and's time for pictures! whether you are a high-school senior or a college student, it is important to take pictures of this milestone. this is the jumping off point where you get to decide where you go next in life. 

ok enough with the nostalgia. let's talk about what your senior session is going to look like.

keep in mind this is your session. we get to be as adventurous or grounded as you wish. first we will talk about what style appeals to you. do you prefer colorful, natural, outdoorsy, or urban settings. if you are unsure, i would suggest Pintrest. i have several boards that you can sort through for inspiration or send me pins that you like. once we have established your style and talked ideas, we will look for for locations. i have several locations i love to use and am always glad when a client suggests new places for me to try. 

most important to remember during your shoot is to be YOURSELF! i'm not here to make you do things you don't do naturally. if you love posing like a vogue model then YAZ we are going to werk it! if you like to be a little more reserve and pose with your thumbs in your pockets, then we are going to chill and have fun. don't worry! i'm not going to throw a camera in you face and expect you to know how to pose or act. i like to take it slow and talk. i want to get to know you and what your interests are. trust me, you will relax and start having fun once i start cracking my lame jokes. 

pre-shoot prep:

β‹™ bring any lipstick, hairspray, or blot tissues you might want during your shoot to freshen up. get off easy this time.

β‹™ if you are going to wear heels with your main outfit, bring some flats in case we are walking a bit to get to a location. guys...again, you get off easy this time.

more questions?

if you have more questions about your session or what to expect, here is a FAQ page you may find helpful.