what lay in store // 2019

when i said goodbye to 2018, i sat with my journal for two days and filled it with all my hopes for 2019. there was a lot lol. last year i learned that journaling was really helpful for my scattered brain. i find myself overwhelmed with ideas and thoughts but no where to organize them. so this brings me to my first goal for 2019.

Untitled design (22).png

1 . pen and paper

this year i want to spend a little more time writing and drawing. my first art project was drawing a horse using charcoal. it was not so pretty haha but i practiced and got better. when i moved to the U.S. nine years ago i abruptly stopped. the only time i was writing was for my notes in college. this last year i picked it up again and i have to say…i feel more inspired and mentally organized. i’ve been able to execute more ideas when i’ve listed out my ideas. i like lists. a lot.

2 . more horses

i will be visiting Hot Springs to photograph the backside of Oaklawn track AND the highlight of my year, i’ll be traveling to Lexington to visit Three Chimneys, Claiborne, Calumet, Lane's End, Winstar, Darley, Ashford, Hagyards, Gainsborough, Spendthrift, Juddmonte, and Chirchill Downs…just to name a few. i really want to expand my equestrian clients in the NWA area as well.

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3 . more destination sessions

i have several other trips planned for this year and my goal is to book sessions in the areas i’ll be traveling. this will help get me some exposure to the surrounding areas as well as build a diverse portfolio. i’ve heard there are sand dunes in Oklahoma…just saying

4 . make a calendar

i’ve never done this but i want to try to make a horse calendar. i’ll be photographing so many horses this year and i want to give it a try!

5 . monthly to-dos

this one is my biggest hurdle. i want to have a list of things i do every month to engage with all of you. at minimum, i’ll be posting once to the blog every month (want to do more obviously but some months may be slow), sending my subscribers an update on what’s happening the month ahead, and engaging in my VIP Facebook group.

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2018 was a pretty fun year and i am so grateful to all of you who trust me to photograph your families and friends. i think 2019 is going to be an amazing year and i can’t wait to see what exciting things happen.