Katie // aka Rapunzel


fun fact: Katie was my first official session AND she is still my favorite subject.

i have had the privilege of taking Katie’s pictures for 6 whole years. our sessions together have been everything from birthdays, special events, senior portraits, to just for fun shoots. Katie is not just my favorite subject because…well look at her she’s GORGEOUS! the camera knows no bad angles to this young lady which is a dream for this photographer. i could literally put her in any setting or backdrop and WOW she’ll still look hawt. Katie is also my favorite because her smile is contagious, she has the best laugh, her spirit is kind, she is not afraid to be herself, she has an adventurous spirit, and she inspires me.

i am so humbled and thankful Katie has trusted me all these years to photograph her life highlights. we have shared some great memories and i can’t wait to see what we’ll do together in the future.

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