summer sunsets // Katrina and Naomi

i was ecstatic to see Katrina be the winner of my summer giveaway this year! Katrina is the owner and operator of MoonRise Equestrian based out of Bentonville, AR and it was perfect timing to get some business shots for her as well as some fun ones.

although it was a little toasty that day we still had a blast and got some amazing portraits. best part of my β€œjob” is watching my subject interact and love on their horse. i mean really?! can we even call that working? what i love is seeing what candid moments i can capture between you and your buddy. you spend so much time together and to finally have someone there to photograph that bond is so special.

Katrina and Naomi definitely do share something special. i am honored to have had a chance to capture their special and unique friendship.

check out Katrina on:

IG @moonriseeq

FB MoonRise Equestrian

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