love at the falls // Morgan & Amber


where do i start with these two…adorable, in love, sassy, and a joy to be around.

we met at Tanyard Creek where Amber informed me she was going to give Morgan her engagement ring. no pressure Mariah. side note, found a baby squirrel on the trail and put him on a tree. way to save the day guys! we hiked around the park and found this awesome swing bridge. we headed to the creek and came to a waterfall. i was watching Amber like a hawk because i didn’t want to miss the cue for the surprise.

FINALLY she walked over to the falls and got on one knee. insert awws here. Morgan was surprised and the scene was perfect. once they were done being super mushy, gushy we continued with the shoot.

engagement sessions like this are not just about getting pretty pictures. there is a relationship happening here. i am getting to spend time with you and hear about your unique love story. you have invited me to be at your wedding! Wedding invites are for your friends and family not some stranger with a camera.

from the moment i first sat down with Amber and Morgan, i knew we were going to have a blast together. anxiously awaiting the big day!

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