moments captured // Kentucky

you ever been on vacation and you take pictures for just you? i mean like you take them in your head and forget to use your camera? i do that too often sometimes lol.

on this trip i didn’t want my shutter finger to just spray and pray. i wanted every image i captured to mean something to me and remind me of where i was when i captured it. below is a small collection of moments i wanted to remember from this year’s trip to KY.


the riders

the real heroes on the track are the outriders. i know you might think it silly to be bragging about how bad ass the outriders are meanwhile this dude is texting…but that’s just it.

i see these guys and wonder what their story is. i can capture all their badassery all day but i think this scene provokes my imagination the most. like is he checking Facebook or texting his wife?


cloudy day run

chilly, cloudy, heavy breathing, thundering hooves

it was a breezy morning at the Keenland track and all i wanted to do was stand there all day to watch. my inner photographer wanted the sun to show up but i took this opportunity to just enjoy with my eyes.


Noble Faces

so many gorgeous faces, so little time. when they walk these stallions out its a mental tug-o-war for me. i want to just let my jaw hang there and stare but i also want to capture the magnificence. they walk out and stand for maybe two minutes, all the while i’m scrambling to find an angle that suits the horse. not like there could possibly be a bad angle to these stallions.


Standing Stallions

i visited so many farms and saw so many examples of athletic perfection. the life of a Thoroughbred stallion is where it is at. endless fields of bluegrass, humans grooming them daily, eating all the peppermints…

i often joke that if i were to be reincarnated, i pray i would come back as a Thoroughbred in Lexington.


Sunny Day Run

and then finally the sun came out. stark contrast to my first visit to the track. it was a little toasty and this time you could smell the horse sweat.


faces from KY