the purple pony // Sophia and Austin

ok…i’ll admit when i first heard of “The Purple Pony” out at Jasper Springs i didn’t really understand how purple this pony would be lol. Sophia has a slight obsession and love for the color purple. it shows in her tack, wardrobe, and even room decor.

hearing Sophia talk about her custom bedroom door that is painted…yes, purple…it got me thinking about my own purple obsession when i was a teen. i had a purple bedspread, a purple lava lamp, and purple stuffed bear. why did i stop with the purple theme? did i grow out of it or find a passion for other colors? it just provoked me reconsider rekindling my love of purple.

i was so honored to hear Sophia say that she had a wonderful time despite being a little nervous before. i’ve said it before, the hardest part of doing a session is the prep not the shoot itself. during the session all you have to do is love on your horse and i’ll do the rest.

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