sorrel steeds // Bentley & Moose


way back when, i met Ashley while at the University of Arkansas where we shared our love of horses and photography. in 2017 i had the privilege of being her wedding photographer and I got to know her soon to be family a little better. ps. it was a gorgeous wedding in a gorgeous barn! we have stayed in touch over the last few years but unfortunately for me Ashley lives in central Arkansas.

ALL that to say…while i was traveling through central Arkansas we coordinated a session with her gorgeous family! it was a whirlwind of a weekend for me but this was definitely a big highlight of my trip. Ashley introduced me to Moose and Bentley for the first time and had a chance to get to know their personalities. Ashley likes to ride them in speed events and they are very playful when turned out for the evening. i loved getting to watch Ashley and her family interact with these gorgeous horses.

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