equine sessions // what to expect


the day of the shoot it is important to relax. horses pick up on your mood and the more relaxed you are, the more relaxed your horse will be. i’m very patient and know that every horse is different, so don't stress about whether or not your horse will behave. i haven’t met a horse i couldn’t work with. you may need to lounge beforehand or give your horse breaks during our session. no biggie. we’ll take our time to make sure we get all the pretty pictures.

the day of the session i will arrive a bit early to scout the location. i am always looking for shade or areas where the sun will be softer (if that makes sense), especially for horse and rider sessions. horses might be able to pull of full bright sun but you’ll be squinting the whole time!

keep in mind this is your session and you get to decide what pictures you want to focus on getting. here is what i usually focus on for equestrian sessions.

Horse and Rider //

this type of session is all about you interacting with your horse. i’ll focus on getting up close pictures of you loving on your bestie, hugging, petting, and smooching his/her face is totally normal. we’ll walk around the location and try different poses. no need to worry about how to pose or act. i have an arsenal of ques to help keep the session flowing smoothly and keep you relaxed.

Black Background //

everyone assumes i bring studio lights and a backdrop…but i don’t. i use natural light and barn entryways. i bring a bunch of, what i call, ear toys. i use these toys to get ears up and attention where i need them to look. usually the mirror works wonders but i also have a squeek toy that is a fan fav. i always bring my assistant, ahem…husband, to my black background sessions. he has watched me edit countless sessions and knows what i’m looking for. i’ll direct you and have you hold your horse while Brent runs around like a fool to get ears up. it will be entertaining i promise.

Conformation //

these sessions are usually pretty quick. i focus on getting each side of the horse with his/her legs placed correctly. i can direct you on how to stand your horse if you need me to. after i have each side, i’ll get a few straight on and one from behind the horse. once i feel we have enough images showing his/her conformation i’ll start to focus on head shots. usually i just let the horse look around and i find a good angle. if previously discuses, we’ll also get some action shots. we’ll lose the horse in an arena or lounge.

more questions?

if you have more questions about your session or what to expect, here is a FAQ page you may find helpful.