family sessions // what to expect


i always like to start with the candid shots. it's a great way to warm everybody up. telling jokes and talking about the family really gets everyone to relax. i recommend letting the kids be crazy for the first few minutes. let them "get it out of their system" THEN we can ask them to be still for the pictures. some of my favorite shots are when the kids are running wild and everyone is laughing.

every family is different and my goal is to capture your uniqueness! many parents will apologize or stress because they feel they aren't "doing it right". no such thing as the wrong way when capturing your family. just relax and have fun!

i make sure we get several pictures of the whole family, each of the kids, Mom with the kids, Dad with the kids, Mom and Dad, the kids, and all kinds of candid shots. 

pre-shoot prep:

β‹™ make sure everyone is rested and fed. kids, especially younger kids, wont be as willing to cooperate on an empty stomach and little sleep. 

What to bring:

β‹™ snacks, juice or water, favorite toy or stuffed animal, baby wipes, hair spray

β‹™ bring any lipstick, hairspray, or blot tissues you might want during your shoot to freshen up.

more questions?

if you have more questions about your session or what to expect, here is a FAQ page you may find helpful.