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how it all started

i currently live in Fayetteville Arkansas but i grew up in Tegucigalpa Honduras. sí, yo hablo español. I moved to the U.S. in 2010 to experience culture shock and try to be a normal American. i failed. so I got a job working as a dog trainer/caregiver. ok ok yes i trained dogs but i mostly walked them...

while at the UofA completing an internship in the equine program, i discovered i could take a decent picture of a horse. with the encouragement of my dear friend Dr. Jack, i pursued photography in my spare time. i found a way to stay involved in the equine program and became a TA for my then professor and now dear friend, Dr. Jogan. it was with Dr. Jogan i was able to photograph some of the industries elite and travel to Kentucky to photograph thoroughbreds. what an amazing experience!

while focusing on equine photography, i did a few sessions with high school seniors and families in my spare time. AND the rest is pretty much history. i was hooked. getting to meet so many cool people and hear their stories was the best “job” i thought i could have. so i became a professional photographer.  

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a love story

one year before i left Honduras to live in the U.S. i met a boy named Brent. i had no idea he would follow me here. Brent pursued me for two years before i finally gave in and we got married...in a barn. it’s now been seven years!

we run multiple businesses together (somehow staying sane). his strengths fill in where i am lacking (aka anything with math involved), and my strengths fill in where he is lacking (aka a pretty face with humor and sas).

Brent is now a real-estate agent serving the U.S. and Canada. oh and he’s also my cheerleader, photography assistant, pack mule, chauffeur, errand boy, foot masseuse, and my best friend.

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freedom is always the driving force for me and Brent. Financial freedom, freedom to travel, and freedom to live a little different. Currently we are preparing to move from our 400sqft tiny house to an RV. Yup! We want to live in a van….(and I hope you finished that sentence with a Matt Foley voice). Our businesses travel well and we don’t like the idea of being stuck in a house. We are minimalists at heart (although I do have a few too many plants). Someday we will buy property to call home but we are not in any hurry. We have time to play before we retire to a normal life and settle into adulthood.

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